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Sri Lanka's Renowned 'King of Arracks' Makes a Grand Entry into Italy

October 2018 marked a historic event in the spirits industry as Sri Lanka's finest pure coconut arrack, Old Reserve, made its grand entry into the Italian market. As part of the launch, two new products, Old Reserve Revival 42 and Rare 47, were unveiled, capturing the attention of spirits connoisseurs worldwide.

The event was spearheaded by Antonio Parlapiano, one of the founders of The Jerry Thomas Project in Rome, known for their contributions to the global cocktail scene. The launch was held in Rome, with a bartender competition managed by Parlapiano himself, adding an exciting twist to the event.

The launch of these premium arrack products in Italy came after they were 'rediscovered' by The Jerry Thomas Project of Rome. The Italian distributor, Onesti Group, was selected to bring these uniquely Sri Lankan spirits to the Italian people, with a core focus on introducing them to cocktail bars across the country.

Old Reserve, considered the "King of Arracks," represents the epitome of traditional Ceylon Arrack blending art. The finest pure coconut arrack is matured for years in casks of Hamilla and Teak, resulting in a rich and unique taste. The origins of Old Reserve date back to the 19th century when Alfred Aybrook and Thomas Mason improved local arrack distillation. Today, their original formula is still faithfully followed, resulting in subtle aromas and flavors that are appreciated by fine spirits connoisseurs worldwide​.

The Old Reserve product line extension on 42 & 47 strength marks an important milestone in the brand's journey. It reflects the brand's commitment to cater to the international market following the rising popularity of Old Reserve in Italy​​.


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