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The Grand Launch of Old Reserve Revival 42 and Rare 47 in Sri Lanka

The Grand Launch of Old Reserve Revival 42 and Rare 47 in Sri Lanka

The vibrant and tropical island of Sri Lanka was the stage for the grand launch of Old Reserve's latest products: Old Reserve Revival 42 and Rare 47. This event, held on March 21, took place in the stylish Flamingo House in Colombo, where the atmosphere buzzed with anticipation and excitement​.

Among the attendees were a host of Sri Lankan celebrities, including Stephanie Siriwardhana, Miss Universe Sri Lanka 2011, and Gerard Mendis, an award-winning pastry chef and master chocolatier renowned throughout the country​1. The event had a tiki-themed cocktail party ambiance, filled with lush flowers and foliage, providing a vibrant backdrop for the introduction of these classic tiki-style cocktails with a fresh, quality twist​​.

The Old Reserve Revival 42 is a pure coconut arrack inspired by the original spirit created by Aybrook and Mason in the 19th century. It is carefully harvested and matured in teak and Halmilla vats for several years, resulting in rich, distinctive flavors of vanilla, coconut and a lively woody note​​.

Old Reserve 47 Rare, on the other hand, is a vibrant, bold, and compelling blend of pure coconut arrack. It is made from coconut sap harvested from the finest coconut flowers and matured in teak and Halmilla vats. It has roots in the original arrack recipes created by Aybrook and Mason, offering a variety of taste sensations from coconut and vanilla, plus the wood taste that comes from the maturation process​​.

What added an extra layer of excitement to the event was the presence of the winners of an Italian cocktail competition, who flew in from Rome to participate in the launch. Antonio Parlapiano from The Jerry Thomas Project Rome, Sossio Del Prete, Giuliana Giancano, and Giuseppe Ammendola were present to mix and serve their extraordinary cocktails​1.

Followed by another event in Taj Hotel, where the story began. Bringing Aybrook & Mayson's Story to Life

The world’s best Arrack: 🍹 Old Reserve Rare 47 seen in the Crystal Ballroom of the historic Colombo Club located at the prestigious Taj Hotel.

Under the auspices of the Chaine des Rotissuers, Sri Lanka Baillage: A dinner by the Sri Lankan Olympic Chefs under the guidance of Gerard Mendis with Old Reserve cocktails by Maestro Mixologist Antonio Parlepaino. An event that will be spoken about for a long time.


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