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Introducing Taprobane: A Fusion of Sri Lankan Tradition and South African Craftsmanship

In the world of spirits, the year 2022 brought an exciting novelty. Taprobane, a unique gin brand, emerged from the heart of South Africa, offering a blend of Sri Lankan heritage and South African distilling expertise.

Taprobane isn't just another gin; it is an exotic fusion that resonates with Sri Lankan tradition. At its core is Arrack, a spirit deeply rooted in Sri Lankan culture and renowned for its unique and full-bodied flavors. Made from the sap of coconut flowers and aged in wooden casks, Arrack brings a distinctly tropical touch to the gin, setting Taprobane apart from its counterparts.

The birthplace of this unique spirit is Deep South Distillery, nestled in the heart of South Africa. The distillery, known for its dedication to craft and quality, played a pivotal role in the creation of Taprobane. Steve, the master distiller at Deep South, embarked on the journey to create a gin with a twist, using Arrack as a base. The gin was double-distilled, a process that resulted in a smooth, balanced, and complex spirit that pays homage to both Sri Lankan and South African traditions.

Bringing the story and identity of Taprobane to life fell to Stuart Young, who handled the brand's design and narrative. He masterfully encapsulated the brand's unique spirit in its design, ensuring that every aspect of Taprobane — from the logo to the bottle design and the color scheme to the brand story — resonated with its Sri Lankan and South African roots.

Taprobane is not just a gin but a testament to the power of fusion and craftsmanship. It stands as a testament to the harmonious blending of two cultures, showcasing the richness of Sri Lankan Arrack and the finesse of South African distilling traditions. As it pours into glasses around the world, Taprobane promises a taste experience that transcends borders, offering a sip of Sri Lanka and South Africa in every drop.


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